Persuasion Tips for Everyday Use


If you are looking to influence people, it is not enough to simply understand the principles underlying persuasion. You must also master the simple yet effective ways that you can put these principles to use in everyday life.

If you are a persuasive person, you will have a much easier time in life and will often achieve your intended results without having to jump through hoops. Some of the tips to being more persuasive can be implemented instantly while others will require a bit of practice.

Tip #1: Appear confident

Confidence does not come naturally to all of us. Some people seem to have an easier time being confident while others struggle quite a bit. Whether you are naturally confident or not, you must ensure that you appear confident to others at all times. If you are insecure about how you look or your abilities in a particular subject, nobody else needs to know this. Do not give your insecurities a platform on which to shine. Instead, practice faking it until you make it.

There are people in this world who do not know a whole lot of things and yet have managed to get scores of people to support them and their ideas. Reason? They are the epitome of confidence. They walk into rooms as if they own them. They speak authoritatively even when they are uncertain of what they talk about. Confidence says you know what you are talking about. People allow themselves to believe the people who know what they are talking about.

Tip #2: Be subtle with your approach

Even when they allow themselves to be persuaded into doing something, most people like to think that it was their idea to do something in the first place. Nobody wants to believe that they allowed a particular idea to be shoved down their throat. For success in persuasion, you must be subtle in your approach. Instead of introducing a certain topic full-on, consider starting with an anecdote.

If you are looking to get someone to buy into an investment, start by mentioning how you and your friends went for a cruise last weekend after receiving your payout from Investment X. Do not even try to sell them that investment. Instead, get the other person thinking about how they could also have gone for the cruise had they invested in a particular investment vehicle. In short, entice people without being too obvious with your temptation.

Tip #3: Be flexible with your methods

The methods of persuasion are not set in stone. Different people respond to different things. Also, the same person will respond differently to different methods depending on the time and occasion. You must know when to switch gears accordingly. Sometimes you will need to work with the principle of liking and other times you will need to base your method on the principle of authority. Reading social cues will allow you to determine which methods to use.

Tip #4: Timing is everything

If you want to convince someone to buy a house, you’ll have more success if you catch them when they are shopping for houses. This holds true for most things. If you want your crush to go from crush to partner, you will have an easier time if you talk to them when they are looking for a relationship. To master the art of persuasion, you must also master the art of knowing when the timing is right. If not, you will fall into the trap of harassing people to agree to things that they have no interest in. Nobody likes a person that is constantly pestering them into doing things, especially at the weirdest of times.

Tip #5: Being interesting is a plus

Most persuasive people are not boring. Nobody pays much attention to boring people. Boring people are not fun to talk to. They are not engaging, and they are definitely not memorable. If you want to win at persuasion, you must be an interesting person. The good news is that there are countless ways of being interesting.  You just need to identify something unique about yourself and amplify it for the world to see. It could be a skill or a hobby that you are really good at. It might also be your sense of humor or the way you dress. Perhaps, you might even want to share your unique view of the world with your audience. Whatever it is that you opt for, make sure that it helps people remember you long after the conversation ends.

Tip #6: Listen more than you talk

You might think that being persuasive means doing a whole lot of talking, but this could not be further from the truth. In order to influence people, you must train yourself to be a good listener. Listening skills serve two purposes. First, as long as people are talking and you are listening, then it means you are gathering crucial information that you can use to your advantage. Second, people like a good listener. Why? Because people love talking about themselves. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open and you will be well on your way to increasing your likeability quotient. If you do not believe that this is important when it comes to influencing others, refer to the principle of liking as discussed in the previous section.

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