Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020 Test Review

Mercedes-Benz is as passionate about motorsport as it is about safety. Almost one hundred years of racing and record records are the driving force behind a car like the AMG GT. While it may look like another version of the company’s two-seater SL, there is a beast beneath the beauty of the GT – and it will overwhelm the unskilled driver. The AMG GT is a raw and razor-sharp racing car that is often uncomfortable and always requires respect. It’s an exotic machine built to compete with the world’s top sports cars: the Porsche 911, the Audi R8, and the best BMW it can throw. Accordingly, we drove the 2020 AMG GT C Roadster wherever you want – elegant downtown cities, the beach, and gas stations. But we also had to visit the racetrack as Mercedes-Benz designed the GT Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020 to go to extremes that do not exist on public roads.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Look and Feel

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020

There have been many golden eras of motor racing, but none has been as futuristic and stunning as the Grand Prix and record-breaking cars in the 1930s. Just 20 years after the auto industry built little more than glorified wooden spoke carriages, European carmakers were racing cars that looked like they had landed from another world. They were hammered into raw aluminum, carved like the fuselages of the first commercial airliners and equipped with the largest, most powerful engines – eight, 12, or even 16 cylinders supercharged with 600 horsepower. They ignored the Great Depression, and many, like Mercedes and Alfa Romeo, are driven by fascists. These cars were advertising feats, national pride, and the pinnacle of engineering that was unmatched decades later. In 1938, Mercedes built what could be called the world’s first hypercar. It hit 269mph on a closed public road – a record that was expected to last until 2017.

The 1938 Mercedes W154 is one of these incredible cars. Adapting to the company’s history, nothing is more directly related to the modern cars of the past than the modern AMG GT sports car. Exaggerated hood, short slanted tail, ultra-low profile, tires are almost as high as the car itself and pushed to the extreme edges of the body, the driver is almost sitting on the rear axle, even the vertical crossbar on the grille -They are all peculiar style elements that were beautiful back then, and they are just as beautiful today. Without knowing that small part of the car’s history, you cannot appreciate the true characteristics of this car.

We like Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020 Coupe and usually prefer any coupe to a convertible. We also like the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020 4-door coupe, which is a nearly luxurious car with this appearance, especially on the back tail of the wide and thin taillights, which is very suitable for use in large cars. But the roadster has taken another step. There are grace and muscle, broad and open, all purposeful, without decoration. As the soft top rises, it is obvious that this car has nothing to do with the other five Mercedes convertibles.

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19-inch and 20-inch staggered diameter tires come standard with one of six wheel selections with red brake calipers (yellow for carbon ceramic discs). The GT and GT C models have a retractable rear spoiler, while the R is stiff and quite tall – a wild convertible look. The GT and GT C models can be distinguished from the rear. The more powerful C has rectangular exhaust tips instead of ovals, and three air slots in the bumper section – two on each fender to divert turbulent air from the wheel arches and one below the boot to radiate heat from the exhaust. The R has a single exhaust outlet and an even more aggressive diffuser. (The GT Black Series Coupe should be immediately obvious for how crazy it looks; it’s a 2021 model) Up to 14 colors are available, including matte lime green and metallic yellow (an option for $ 10,000). The soft tops are finished in black, beige or red.

Our car, in metallic gray selenite, with a black top covered in Silver Pearl Nappa leather, was invisible. The AMG Night exterior package, which darkens the chrome trim, has done this even more. It’s a special place, once you’ve dropped down into the cramped bucket seats. Soft leather covers every surface, including the rims, and the quality is excellent as you might expect. But it’s not fancy here. The doors have diamond stitching and the microfiber steering wheel is very solid, but you won’t find fancy details from other Mercedes models – no special wood, metals, lighting, colors or textures. The cockpit is pure business. The exception is the four-door coupe, which is based on the E-class and is supposed to be more of a luxurious saloon than a functional racer. In each model, you will feel special as you get in, out and sit behind the wheel.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Performance

This car is an exception. But please note: the AMG GT coupe and roadster are not commuters or daily drivers, nor any decorations. You will regret taking them for more than two hours. The suspension is hard and stiff. High spring stiffness, curved camber and multi-stage shock absorbers, no matter how small, will not affect road defects. It’s so painful that the heat radiating through the foot space will cook your legs. Even in the autumn weather when the roof is closed, air conditioning must be blown on the floor.

This is because the giant engine and its two giant turbochargers located between the manifolds are installed behind the front axle and terminate under your feet, and then the giant gearbox is poked out by your pelvis (so the car’s Wide center console). When providing nearly 20 pounds of boost pressure to the turbocharger, the challenge of cooling the 1600 degree exhaust gas was not lost on Mercedes, but it was not solved. Don’t buy the AMG GT just because it is the most expensive car in the showroom. We tell you now, so you don’t sell one after 500 miles.

However, the latest model is a big improvement over the old AMG GT S. In the first model year of 2015, many cars were equipped with improved steering ratios and suspension adjustments that made them almost unmatched. Driving long distances makes you exhausted. Whenever the road is not smooth, the car will get nervous and run left and right. The new car is not like that at all. In fact, for the same reason, Mercedes modified the suspension adjustments of many of its other AMG models-the car was too stiff and unstable. Even the newer C-class and GLC-class AMG cars have better riding and handling than they were a few years ago. If you are buying any second-hand AMG, especially GT, please keep this in mind.

what are the best mercedes benz models of the decade?

The benefits include the zero body roll and the level of grip squirrels use to circle tree trunks. The suspension is a double-wishbone suspension made of forged aluminum – light and strong. For a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) car, the AMG GT has more stability and traction close to its limits than some of the best AWD cars. This is due to the C version of the rear-wheel steering, which turns against the front wheels and then turns successively at speeds above 100 km / h. This makes the car incredibly agile and easy to set up on the road despite the racing drivetrain. Compared to the Ferrari 812 Superfast with rear wheel control, the AMG GT does not feel as if the rear and front are fighting with each other. It makes any reaction much sharper without being too sensitive. The steering wheel feedback is amazing. We could feel the front tires losing traction after a few hot laps at Palmer Motorsports Park, a very tight and technical 2.3 mile circuit in Massachusetts.

This type of communication is essential. The limited slip differential helps you tackle the toughest turns, such as long, uphill, and a turn to the top of the track 500 feet above the starting line. Dynamic engine mounts instantly change stiffness, improving balance. The precision is remarkable, as are the four AMG Dynamics driving modes that change the shock absorbers, steering, differential, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and three-stage stability control. The four-door coupe runs on air suspension that is more geared towards comfort, and while it is very advanced, it is a larger, heavier sedan that is not really meant for racing. Active louvers in the front bumper can direct air under the chassis to reduce drag, or into the engine for better cooling. With the roof down, going 140mph on the straight, applying the powerful six-piston front brakes, then hitting its head forward on the S-curve, the car never skips.

These brakes are excellent and never fade, but if you visit the track regularly, you can specify carbon ceramic brakes. They are lighter, more heat-resistant, and have a longer lifespan. We don’t recommend you to use them because the standard brakes have such a high braking force-if you are too light, don’t eat too much.

The track athlete is powered by a 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine, available in several classes: 469 hp and 465 lb. of torque (AMG GT); 550 hp and 502 lb-ft (AMG GT C); and 577 hp and 516 lb-ft (AMG GT R). The drive for the 4-door coupe is also available in three versions, but there is also a hybrid twin-turbo V6 engine, and the V8 engine has even more power (up to 630hp and 664lbs. It’s also faster off-line thanks to standard all-wheel drive. The gearbox is always willing, but the final gear ratio on the GT C is fairly short – we’ve seen close to 3,000 rpm at 80 mph. That of course means hell in terms of fuel economy. We have an average of 14 mpg, which is worse than the city estimated by the EPA – 15 mpg, 20 highways, 17 in total. But that’s not terrible considering how many times we’ve run this 4-liter V8 around the track.

In comfort mode, AMG GT will quiet down and shift gears early. This gave the impression of a soft cruiser, but then the road opened up, click the steering wheel dial to S+, the car roared with a violent roar and eliminated sharp cannonballs when downshifting to the parking space.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Form and Function

Although the sole purpose of the AMG GT is to maximize performance, it can tolerate two people who may not want to attack every mile. In addition to riding quality, livability is also good for this hardcore player. The luggage compartment can provide 5 cubic feet of cargo space, and there are small nets in the footwell and the passenger side behind the seat. These seats are strong, supportive, and cool, and can blow hot air to your neck. Coupled with the optional heated steering wheel, the summer driving season can be extended in cold climates, provided that you can easily use summer tires. The top will return in about 10 seconds, which is not the best part. Standing a few feet away from the driver’s door, you can hold the unlock or lock button on the smart key to lower or raise the roof. This is not only fun, but also practical because you don’t have to bow your head when entering or leaving the car. The aerodynamic coupe is much narrower than the convertible, although there is more space in the cargo area.

The climate control devices are neatly arranged under the central widescreen. The Americans need useful cup holders, so AMG had to play two big men on the center console. For 2020, the two rows of twisted knobs and black buttons are now square buttons with colored screens. This is the command center for every important driving behavior: damper, exhaust, spoiler, automatic stop start, manual shift mode, stability control, engine/gearbox and stereo volume. The steering wheel is brand new, and is equipped with redundant controls on the lower spokes and more micro screens. One dial is used for driving modes (comfort, sports, sports+, racing, coasting and personal driving), and the other two options are between automatic/manual gear transmission (the most important thing is whether the exhaust sound is loud or low Between) to switch. Each of these settings can be saved in personal mode. It’s amazing to feel the car change its character with one click.

A new digital instrument cluster replaced the analog gauges, a larger screen appeared in the middle, and there was no bulky touchpad/knob combination in previous years. Like most Mercedes models, the operation of the infotainment system is complicated, but in the AMG GT, any important things are clear and easy to understand, and there is no decoration.

If you want to understand how the 4-door coupe feels as an everyday car, please read our review of the 2019 CLS450 Coupe. It is similar in size, luxury and practicality.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Tech Level

Like the 2020 E-Class, the AMG GT uses an updated version of COMAND Touch. This does not mean a touch screen, but refers to the two buttons on the steering wheel that can be swiped by the thumb to control the entire system. You will get used to this, but there are too many sub-menus hidden in more sub-menus, so it cannot be used efficiently while driving. The latest MBUX found in the GLC level is more simplified, faster and intuitive. The 10-inch screen is clear and sharp, with high contrast, detailed maps, onboard WiFi and regular data services, such as real-time traffic conditions and supporting smartphone applications. The Burmester sound system is great. On the car, there is an application called AMG Track Pace, which will synchronize GPS to the list of pre-installed tracks in the United States and Europe, and record your driving data. It can also learn new tracks. We haven’t tried this method in Palmer, but since even millionaires can’t afford the maintenance staff of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG F1 team, it is a big fantasy.

On the center console, Mercedes has restored its older single rotary dial setting to control the screen. We recommend that you use it on the touchpad, it is a free option. Responding to finger input is very slow, and it takes a lot of time to input letters and numbers as addresses. Fortunately, the voice system can complete these tasks accurately and quickly.

The instrument cluster can be easily customized and is easier to use than the main screen. On the track, we really like the central tachometer, which flickers as it approaches the red line. When the tire temperature and pressure readings are surrounded, we use this pressure gauge. When the temperature is 90 degrees, the pressure reading changes from yellow to red. The LED headlights are very bright and make the car smile. The front and rear parking cameras are also very clear. Although adaptive cruise control can be selected, the two-door model does not have a semi-automatic cruise function. The four-door coupe has this feature and more.

There is no wireless phone charger, but if you look under the center armrest, you will find an ignition switch. Yes, you can start this Mercedes like the old Saab. why? The AMG GT uses an older key combination designed to twist or perform a keyless start in the electronic ignition slot. Mercedes (Mercedes) moved the engine start button from the console to the dashboard, but this weird feature still exists.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Safety

Unlike many convertibles, the AMG GT has an upwardly deployed head curtain airbag. There are also two knee airbags and the usual front and side airbags. There are two fixed rolling iron rings just in case. Front emergency braking, pedestrian detection, driver attention monitor, automatic high beam and parking sensor are standard equipment. Blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist on the basic GT are optional, while all other standard parts are optional. Adaptive cruise control is optional in all situations. The four-door coupe has more electronic safety features and convenience, as well as a driver assistance package as extensive as any top Mercedes car. Due to the high price, neither the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) nor the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have conducted crash tests on the AMG GT in the United States. Given the consistent safety record of Mercedes-Benz, we expect only the best results.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2020: Cost-Effectiveness

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 2020 AMG GT coupe is $115,900, and the maximum price for the GT R roadster is $220,000. The GT or GT C sports car is about $12,000 more than any coupe, while the GT R sports car is nearly $30,000 (this is because Mercedes only produces 750 cars worldwide). The GT53’s four-door coupe costs $99,950 because it is the slowest. The GT63 is asking for $140,000, and the GT63 S is asking for $161,000.

The joy of these sports cars makes it of high value. However, only two years later, their resale value dropped. This is not good in luxury cars, which is a huge challenge when buying cars that have not changed much in the same generation. It has the price tag of a supercar, but we still think the high-performance AMG GT is worth the money, but please look around. The two-door coupe has been on sale since the 2015 model, the roadster has been on sale since 2018, and the four-door coupe has been on sale since 2019. However, if you buy one, please check the comfort at the front door and hang it up.

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